Veronica Petriska: “Create an interior that you will admire twenty years later!”


Every home is unique. There are different people living here with different needs, different interests and different priorities. Home is a chronicle of all life’s successes and dramatic changes. As human character develops, so does the interior decoration of our home. The clean, bare walls will feature pastel wallpaper and gilded mirrors, but will also serve as a support for family photos. Empty rooms will be transformed into cozy ones by furniture with history - a velvet sofa, a glass table, a pink stool, a custom kitchen. The interaction of different materials, color variations and individually selected accessories that form a single whole is a home. A place where you relax, let go of strict rules and naturally connect to the flowing energy.

Now you are looking at Veronica's dream come true, which she brought to life with her hard work and love for interior design. Bold elements with a certain amount of extravagance, most often combined with pastel colors, can be seen in Slovakia. Veronica designed most of the furniture herself and decided to have it made to order. She found the remaining interior components abroad. If you want to get acquainted with the personality of the owner of the house, carefully look at the photo of the interior. Friends say that every detail of it fully reflects her personality!
The key to everything is passion and endless inspiration

Home is a symbiotic union of design and human being. Veronica's apartment exudes an Art Deco atmosphere. An antique painting, wooden parquet, an atypical sofa in which you comfortably sink while reading your favorite book, photographs that capture the most beautiful moments of life, or gold accessories on a granite sink. Each of these details carries part of Veronica's life story. She discovered her passion for design as a child. Veronica remodeled her children's room several times, and the desire to change things and compositions in her own way remains in her to this day. This is a hobby to which she devotes most of her free time. “I look for inspiration on Pinterest, which is full of ideas. I am also often inspired by history, especially the Art Deco period. When furnishing the interior, I have to fall in love with this or that thing at first sight, only then am I sure that this is 100% the right choice. At the same time, the quality of the product is a given. I confess that I am a big design perfectionist.”
Kitchen as home decoration

Detail of a recessed sink in the decor of a kitchen countertop, complemented by gold details. (Mystery White, Technistone®)

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Veronica wanted the kitchen to be a real decoration of the living part of the interior, and not just perform a utilitarian function. “It was difficult to choose a set that would fit into my concept and meet the quality requirements. I've always wanted a white marble countertop. But when the decisive moment came, I learned that natural marble is not suitable for the kitchen. This is a very porous material, it easily absorbs everything, stains from (colored) products remain on it, soderzhashhix krasjashhie pigmenty. Therefore, I chose an alternative - Technistone® artificial stone with Mystery White decor. Not only is it practical and easy to maintain, but it also looks fantastic! All our guests praise him."

The dominant feature of the interior is the kitchen bar counter with a cutout for a dispenser and tap. While working in the kitchen, Veronica sees the entire living area. (Mystery White, Technistone®)
Valuable advice

“If you're furnishing your home without a designer, don't leave it to the last minute. Think through every step carefully. I have been creating my apartment for 3 years and the work is not finished yet. I thought long and hard about each piece of furniture. Most of the products are made to order or purchased abroad. “Have the courage to create a custom-made interior,” Veronica advises and continues, “if you don’t dare to do this, trust an experienced designer. Many people today are carried away by the fashion trends of the time and forget about themselves. Create an interior that will inspire you in 20 years. Not only minimalism is eternal.”

Bathroom in an elegant color combination of white and black.

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