Modern applications made of artificial stone in the interior


It will enliven the interior and not get boring. Stone is a unique addition to the interior, but can also become its basis. How to choose it correctly, where to place it and how to best show its character? What can be combined with it to highlight its beauty? Take advice from knowledgeable designers and let them guide you to the perfect stone appliqués, from classics to real designer gems. You might fall in love with one of them. After all, a stone is like a dress; it should fit right from the first try on..

Combining materials is a tough nut to crack for a designer, but when it succeeds and the surfaces seem to merge into a single line, it is a real work of art.

“At first I was afraid that stone in the interior would look too heavy, since I love wood and spaces full of air. But I only had to visit a few showrooms to understand that the opposite is true. I chose a light shade that looks soft and elegant. Now it plays a decisive role in my kitchen, both in design and functionality,” says the owner of the new kitchen, Lucia.
Touch perfection

Artificial stone, although you can’t tell at first glance, is a very living material with a varied structure, veins and surface variability. Smooth glossy, silky matte or textured? The surface plays a very important role when choosing a stone. So touch it thoroughly and pay attention to how the surface treatment affects the shade of the stone. The darker the shade, the more pronounced the difference in color between the glossy version and other surface treatment methods.

The matte surface of the stone is as soft as velvet. It does not reflect light like its glossy version. Suitable for worktops, window sills and modern kitchens.(JELI design, Technistone® Noble Concrete Gray Matt)
Let them admire

Despite the wide variability in the use of stone in the interior, it is a shame to give it a secondary place. It is best for him where something is constantly happening, and where his qualities can be fully demonstrated. Thanks to this, you will best appreciate its capabilities.

“Stone definitely has its place in the kitchen, where I love to use it for countertops, backsplashes and floors. However, its practical application is much wider. It is also very good for washing, as drawer and door fronts, dining and conference tables, and as part of wall cladding. It is also perfect for bathrooms as storage shelves, cabinets, washbasins, window sills, etc. It is a noble material with excellent properties and a unique appearance,” says Marketa Killi from the Urban Interior studio, who has many years of experience with artificial stone.

Be sure to consult a specialist when choosing decor. Take samples home and try different variations of the recommended color scheme until you are 100% sure.

The right shade of artificial stone is aesthetically pleasing, functionally lightens the interior and gives it the natural lightness of natural materials. (Nataliamprojekty, Technistone® Elegance Eco Ash, Elegance Eco Nev)

Artificial stone is a great helper in the bathroom. It creates a pleasant atmosphere, and besides, neither water nor humidity harms it at all. (Technistone® Pearl Rocca)
Comfort squared

Stone in the interior can also perform an important unifying function, that is, connecting its individual parts into a single whole. Details such as a conference table top, window sills or wall cladding in the same shade as the kitchen countertop can successfully connect the living room with the kitchen nook. This use makes sense especially in open spaces. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about accessories that complement and decorate the interior. Fresh flowers, paintings or original chandeliers look great against the background of stone.

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